i don’t know why, but my opinion of the boys have changed so much, which makes me really sad.

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omg, i’m going through my posts and omg…….i can’t believe some of the things i used to say on here lmao i can’t tell if i was funny, embarrassing, or crazy. 

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omg, i hate how every time i get on here i make a text post saying i’m sorry for not being on in awhile, but i really am so sorry. i used to update every day and literally playback was all that made me happy, so i miss it. i’m always going to be supporting them though, so if i’m not on much until summer, it’s just because i really am so behind in school. i’ve been so depressed about numerous things and everything’s been really hard for me lately. but at some point, i promise promise promise to get on more. i’m so glad we have such a great fandom, and if you ever want to keep in touch, you can follow my main blog. (i’ll follow back ily guys) it’s 0723-1.tumblr.com. i love and miss talking to you guys, and again i am so so so sorry. 

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